ESL Teaching Tips

As a teacher at an International School, many of my students have been English Language Learners (ESL Students).  Luckily, while teaching in the United States, I also taught a largely ESL population and became certified to teach English as a Second Language.  Since this growing population can be quite challenging, I have put together a large collection of Tips for Teaching ESL Students.  Here are a few of my biggest tips to teachers with ESL students:

 - Use real life items and videos

- Anticipate a silent period for new students 

- Get the family involved 

- Be sure to assist students in writing 

 - Don't think ESL needs stop after one year of English 

- Use video to practice speaking skills 

- Enhance your read aloud 

 - Teach dialectal differences 

Successful Strategies for English Language Learners by Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad ResourcesIn addition to these blog posts, I have an hour long presentation available on this topic. You can download this video called: Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners from the Everything’s Intermediate Expo for just $3.95 from Teacher’s Notebook.

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