Resources for Free

We all know teachers don’t make enough money, but are still expected to get the bulk of what’s needed for our classrooms from our own resources. In an effort to help out some fellow teachers like myself, I wanted to let you know about some FREE resources I have available for you – stuff I have used in my classroom and am offering up to anyone who wants to use them in their classrooms for completely FREE.

(Please do NOT post these items to your own website or share amongst your friends.  Instead, if you feel that you want to share these with other teachers - and I'd be honored if you did - please give them the link to where they can download their own copy.  Thank  you for helping me to protect my copyright!)

1. At my TPT store, I have over 40 FREE, quality teacher resources. If you click here, you find them all bookmarked especially for you.

2. At my Teacher’s Notebook store, I have 17 FREE, quality teacher resources. If you click here, you find them all bookmarked especially for you.

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6.  I have over Tons of FREE Resources available to you via Google Docs.  Here are direct links, sorted by subject:

Graph Your Cherries Sheet
Fact Family House
100's Chart Center - Glue stick Free
Dice Problem Solving Center 
Non-Standard Measurement Book
April Calendar Book
Finding 2 and 3 Dimensional Shape Booklet 
Number Aerobics Poster 
12-12-12 Sheet - Many Activities to Explore 12 
Long Division Strategies 
Student Survey & Graphing Sheet 
Soak and Weigh Measurement Activity 
Apple Carrot Muffin Doubling & Halving Recipe 
Using Addition to Solve Subtraction 
Describing Myself with Numbers 
Create a Humongous Number with Connect 4 
Fill 'Em Up & Add 'Em Up with Connect 4 
Hungry Hungry Hippo Sums 
Twister Graphing 

Guided Reading Lesson Plan Template
Listening Center Sheet
Punctuation/Capital Letter Grammar Sheet

Idiom Book
Rainbow Fish Template 
Eek There's a Mouse in the House Reading Response Sheet 
ABC Order Picture Sort 

Writing, Spelling & Grammar
Spelling Center Sheet 
What's Your School Like Cloze Word Activity
Field Trip Persuasive Writing Project

The Bag Free Pledge for Earth Day - Translated into Spanish & French
The Rock Brothers: Write from the Point of View of Two Rocks 
Guide Sheet for Making Candy Rocks to Explore the Rock Cycle 

Social Studies 
Generic Country Research Book
Historical Women Research Project Matrix
Neighborhood Discovery Journal
President Research Project 
Mental & Emotional Health Choices Sort 

Classroom Resources & Posters 
If You Don't Know Why, You Don't Know the Answer Poster