Thursday, September 1, 2011


How many of you would LOVE someone to make your copies, do your lamination etc. etc.?  When I started this year and they said that there was someone to do all these things, I was so excited.  However, after waiting for those people to do these things and not being able to just get in and get them done, I’ve decided I am not excited anymore.  It’s not the fault of the people who are in charge of printing, copying and laminating – they work very hard.  But it is not the only job they have.  The person who can print in color (yes there is only one) is also IT support.  The person who copies and laminates is also in charge of supplies.  So both of these nice gentlemen are EXTREMELY busy, and I understand why my stuff is not done.  However, I would really, really, really like to hang up my word wall and my calendar BEFORE my kids walk in the door on Monday.  However, without these items and no teacher stores handy, I do not think this is going to happen.  Sad smile  Oh well, teaching will go on regardless!

aerobicsNeedless to say, no pictures today – but here is a link to the Number Aerobics Poster I made (and sent off to be printed in color – still waiting to get it back).  I can NOT take credit for this idea.  A FABULOUS Kindergarten teacher at my old school did number aerobics to get her kids going every day.  Each group of ten from 1 – 100 gets a movement and kids move while they count.  All I did is make a pretty visual poster to go along with the movements.  (Click on the picture of the poster to get a copy from Google Docs.)  In my version of Number Aerobics 1-10 is clapping your hands, 11 – 20 is stomping your feet, 21 – 30 is jumping (like you would with a rope), 31 – 40 is jumping jacks, 41 – 50 is spirit fingers, 51 – 60 is the Twist, 61 – 70 is the Funky Chicken, or the chicken dance, 71 – 80 is Disco Fever, 81 – 90 is the Robot and 91 – 100 is Criss Cross (jumping legs across and back out).

Cross your fingers for me that tomorrow I will find copies done and laminated and tape to hang them on my walls!  Smile