Friday, December 2, 2011

Doggy 100’s Chart Website

I love, love, love using the 100’s chart to teach math and number relationships.  In fact, right now two of my math centers are based on the 100’s chart.  I have a Hundred’s Chart center, which you can find on TPT, andwebsite then my computer center is also based on the 100’s chart too.  I am using the website Give the Dog a Bone, which is just an amazing website!  It gives students a blank 100’s chart with dog bones “hidden” under numbers.  If students click on the correct number, they find the bone.  If they click on the wrong number, it tells them the number they clicked on – giving them a clue to help them find the number they are looking for.  Plus, the best part for my classroom, is it is set on a 60 second timer.  Since I have just one computer in my room, I allow 3 students to go to the computer center.  They go, and take turns, so with a 60 second timer, the longest they ever have to wait for their turn is 2 minutes – which is about the length of the attention span of most of my students!