Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fast Fact Practice

It’s time for the Wednesday Website suggestion!!

This week’s Wednesday Website suggestion is from Oswego Math Games (whichmathmagician could be a Wednesday Website suggestion all in itself!)  It’s called Math Magician, and it’s one of the best ways I’ve found for kids to practice their facts.  It has addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, so it works for grades 1-5.  Plus, each operation has 14 different levels, so it’s a great way for kids to progress through fast fact learning.  It’s also timed, which is great for my one computer computer station!  I’m using the addition section right now, in coordination with my addition quizzes, and it’s helping my kids a lot!

Hope you enjoyed this Wednesday’s Website suggestion – check back each Wednesday for a new Wedensday’s Website suggestion.  Also, feel free to check out previous Wednesday Website suggestions by clicking HERE.