Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fast Fact Superstars

100_6331Well, we’ve finished our unit on addition & subtraction, but of course my kids haven’t mastered their facts with automaticity.  So, I’m implementing this simple and easy fast fact quiz system.  My kids take a addition quiz every day , and they have exactly one minute to answer 20 questions.  They start with the O’s and 1’s test and once they have accomplished this, they move on and one until they hit the 10’s test.  (Then, they start over with subtraction!)
I created this cute little way to chart their results, which hangs on 100_6329my door and helps me to decorate too!!  (I’m not great at creating those cute room decorations!)  I didn’t want anything where I had to cut out a bunch of stuff – as I’m cutting out self correcting puzzles and word wall cards on a regular basis.  So - I had the kids decorate and cut out their own name tags, and then when they get 100% on their test, they get to color and cut out their star, and all I have to do is tape it to the door!  How easy is that?  Grab a copy of this Basic Fact Reward System on TPT for FREE.  There are also moons (which I’m going to use for subtraction facts, since I have one student who will be done with all of her stars before some of my other students get one star!), clouds, and suns in the packet.  You could easily use this same system with multiplication and division facts if you teach higher grades.

Leave me a comment and tell me how YOU practice those basic facts with your students!