Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Money From Around the World

This month, my class is learning about money and banks.  Our standards are American, so they require us to teach the kids to recognize and count American coins (even though we live in Morocco and use dirhams to buy things), so we have spent lots of times on American coins (here’s a post on how I’m teaching American Money in Morocco), and we have also looked at Moroccan dirhams.  However, we have also spent a lot of time looking at other coins from other countries.  I am blessed to have families who have traveled or lived in lots of different countries (United Arab Emirates, Spain, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Republic of Congo, Libya, Kuwait, the Philippines etc.).


These families happily sent in money for my class to view, and so we have been keeping track of all the different money we have looked at.  We are recording: the country, the color, the images on the front and back and whether it was coin or paper.  We also recorded if there were numbers on the coins – as American coins do not have numbers, making them increasingly hard to count.  (I’m smiling to myself, because I know that many of you just pulled out a coin to check me on that!)  I know that many students don’t have access to this type of experience, so I have been taking pictures of the money that has come in.  Please feel free to share with your class!

Paper Money from the Democratic Republic of Congo



Paper Money from Tunisia



Paper Money from Libya

100_6398  100_6399


Paper and Coin Money from the Republic of the Congo




Coins from all over!!