Thursday, January 5, 2012

Number Family Freebie


Does anyone else have students in their class who keep forgetting that a number family meets that only those 3 numbers in that number family can be included?  My kids were really struggling with this, so I put together these houses as a quick, last minute activity right before winter break.  There are 100_6165number tiles that the students cut and paste to make the equations that  are in the number family.  It’s a simple, easy activity, and if you click on the picture, you can grab a copy FREE from google docs, simply click on either of the pictures above.  I only have the one fact family, but it’s very easy to change the activity by simply changing the numbers in each box.  Feel free to alter at will!  And take advantage of that, because it’s rare to hear it out of me! 

That’s all I have today folks, short and sweet (for once!).  Hope everyone’s having a good week back to work.  BTW - If you haven’t seen my New Year’s Center Packet yet, it’s not too late to grab it!