Monday, January 2, 2012

Suesstastic Birthday Giveaway

Did you enter my Birthday Giveaway back in November?  I think it was a good giveaway, but Melissa of Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations might just have me beat!  She’s giving away 40 items from her own TPT store, plus 45 items from other TPT sellers, myself included.



When Melissa decided to do her giveaway, I sent her my Self-Correcting Counting Puzzle, a favorite in my classroomcountingpuzzle, which is available at my TPT store for $2.50.  She also got contributions from The Organized Classroom, The Wise Owl Factory, and Nyla’s Crafty Teaching – to name a few!  You have until January 6th to enter and there’s TONS of ways to enter!!!  Head on over to her blog and get your chance at all the freebies!!!

Oh, and stand by for more details on a promotion I’ll be running and a chance to get pretty much my entire TPT store FREE.  I hope to have the details up and ready by Thursday.