Saturday, May 5, 2012

5 Ways to Enjoy Teacher’s Appreciation

Teachers work so hard, and we often do a job that nobody appreciates.  So, let’s take this week to truly enjoy Teacher Appreciation.  Raki’s Rad Resources is celebrating Teacher Appreciation in 5 different ways – please feel free to join us in all 5 ways!

 Teacher Appreciation Sale Teachers Pay Teachers

1.)  Our Teachers Pay Teachers store will be on sale for 20% off from May 6th – May 8th.  This will be coordinated with other teacher bloggers and the TPT coupon code: TAD12, which gives you an extra 10% off at the register.  With both sales together, you will receive 28% off at the register.

28 % Off Internet Scavenger Hunts for Teacher Appreciation     28 % Off Word Family Word Wall Cards for Teacher Appreciation


 2.) Our Teacher’s Notebook store AND our Teacher Appreciation Sweepstakces Teacher's NotebookTeacher’s Notebook Clipart store will be on sale for 20% off from May 5th – May 11th.  This will be coordinated with many other sellers on Teacher’s Notebook.  There is also $100 being given away EVERY day to one lucky person who purchase from a shop who is having a sale.



3.) Our Raki’s Shop will be on sale for 20% off for the entire Raki's Shop - Quality Teaching Resources for Quality Teachersmonth of May.  Grab our clipart, our custom photographs and our E-Books for 20% off for the entire month of May.  The 20th customer of the month will receive their entire order FREE!


4.)  We are participating in the Teacher Appreciation JackpotTeacher Appreciation JackpotOne of the items from our TPT sale (normally valued $3 – $8) will be completely FREE for tomorrow only.  Click HERE to find out what item will be free – announcement made early tomorrow morning.


5.)  We are participating in the Global Gift Giveaway at GlobaGlobal Teacher Connect Global Gift Giveaway for Teachersl Teacher Connect.  Each day from May 1st – May 12th, there will be a teacher gift given away (with straight download from Google Docs).  There will be resources from at least 8 different countries – including Morocco!


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to every wonderful teacher out there.  I hope you all score some amazing teacher resources to help save you planning time this summer – giving you a chance to do all that relaxing non-teachers think that teachers actually do during the summer!