Friday, May 11, 2012

Hi Ho Math Cherry-os!

I LOVE to play board games at home, but I also enjoying using them in my classroom. In addition to encouraging cooperation, turn taking and a variety of other social skills, I find I can often use the games to work on math and literacy skills. So, every Friday, I am going to post a Friday Game Night post, giving tips on how to use a particular board game in your classroom. Here’s this week’s Friday Game Night Tip:

Hi Ho Cherry-O!– Part 1 (Math)

I often see Hi Ho Cherry-O played in Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms to work counting, colors and turn taking.  Here are some adaptions to use this preschool game in the elementary school classroom, and touch on some math standards that are of a higher level than counting.  For each adaptation, you will need to write a digit (0-9) on the bottom of each cherry with a fine tipped Sharpie

1. Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide – For this adaption, you will start out playing by standard rules.  However, in order for the students to keep the cherries they are supposed to get for their bucket – they must roll a dice, and add the number on the dice with the number on the bottom of the cherry.  If they get the answer correct, they get to keep the cherry.  If they don’t, it must go back on the tree.  You can also do this for subtraction, multiplication or division.  If you are working on fast facts, you could set a ten second timer and students must answer before the timer sounds.

2. Make a big, or small number – For this adaption, you will start out playing by standard rules.  However, once a student has 5 cherries in their bucket, they must take the cherries out – and use the digits on the bottom to make the biggest (or smallest) number possible.  You can vary this to make it easier or harder by simply changing the number of cherries children must have in their buckets when they stop to make a number. 

3. Explain Your Number – In this adaption, students Looking at alternative expressions of a numberwill take time to explain their numbers in detail.  For each number, have students complete a “explain your number” form, telling all the ways you can explain your number.  You can print these sheets from Google Docs, and laminate for use with an Expo Marker, or have students write right on the paper and collect a grade.

4. Graph Your Cherries– In this adaptation, you will play by standard rules.  Then, when you are done, have students pour out all of the cherries that were “collected” in all of the buckets and use the Graphing Cherries from Hi Ho Cherry O! - FREEcherries to create a picture graph.  Students can then create questions based on the graph they made.  Feel free to print this Cherry Graphing Sheet from Google Docs.

I hope some of the ideas will help you use Hi Ho Cherry O! in a new, different way. Find more ways to use board games in your room by clicking HERE. Keep playing games and watching your students learn.

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources