Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer Homeschooling

In addition to teaching, I also “homeschool” by two older sons in Summer Experience Scavenger HuntEnglish.  They both go to school all day in Arabic and French, but I don’t want them to lose their academic English level, so we also do English activities throughout the week, including reading, writing and math.  Over the summer, I plan to work with them on each of these activities, but I also try each summer to make sure my kids have a lot of experiential learning.  Two years ago, we used my summer scavenger hunt to guide our experiential learning.  (Grab this summer scavenger hunt for FREE from Google Docs.)  Last year, we went to Washington D.C., New York City and then moved to Morocco which provided plenty of experiential learning.  For this summer, my kids and I made a “Summer Bucket List” of 60 things to do this summer, and we’re going to try to do one a day.  (BTW – I got this idea from That’s So Cugely.)  Here’s what my kids want to do this summer – as we check things off of our list, I’ll keep you updated on what my kids are learning.

1.  Go Fishing

2.  Play Monopoly

3.  Make Donuts

4.  Make Origami

5.  Do Every Puzzle in the House

6.  Have a Movie Day

7.  Camp in the Living Room

8.  Make S’mores

9.  Paint Ceramic Pots

10.  Use Every Block in the House to Build a Huge Castle

11.  Be a Marching Band

12.  Make Brownies

13.  Make Jewelry

14.  Have a Tea Party

15.  Visit the Forest

16.  Make a book

17.  Make a movie

18.  Collect & Sort Rocks

19.  Play Simon Says

20.  Play Card Games

21.  Color a Whole Coloring Books

22.  Make Scrapbook Pages

23.  Use the Scale to Weigh Things in our House

24.  Race the Toy Cars

25.  Hide & Seek with Toys

26.  Clean the Whole House (yes the kids added this to the list!)

27.  Have a Scavenger Hunt

28.  Work in our Math Workbooks

29.  Have Different Types of Races

30.  Make Glogs (

31.  Play House

32.  Make Storybirds (

33.  Have Dinosaur/ Superhero Battles

34.  Play with Bubbles

35.  Do Science Experiments

36.  Have a Ball Race

37.  Make a Big Playdough Picture

38.  Have a Records Day (Who can bounce the ball the longest?  Who can stand on one foot the longest? etc. – My oldest son is obsessed with World Records right now. )

39.  Build Boats

40.  Play Souk (Market)

41.  Read 20 Books

42.  Mage Bagels from Scratch

43.  Go Horseback Riding

44.  Have a Fake Karate Tournament

45.  Make Raviolis from Scratch

46.  Learn Everything we can About Another Country

47.  Go to a Music Festival

48.  Go to the Zoo

49.  Make Obstacle Courses

50.  Go Roller Skating

51.  Play Tag

52.  Read all the Street Signs

53.  Play with All of the Train Tracks

54.  Write letters to family

55.  Participate in a post card exchange

56.  Bake Cookies

57.  Go Bird Watching

58.  Play Flowers

59.  Put on a Puppet Show

60.  Play School

What’s on your Summer Bucket List?