Wednesday, June 20, 2012

National Geographic for Kids

It’s time for the Wednesday Website suggestion!! For two years, I was the Technology Specialist at a school in Georgia. During that time, I amassed a large collection of websites that I use with my students. If you want to search through some of them, you can check out my IKeepBookmarks site. Or, you can check back here each week for the Wednesday Website suggestion.


After downloading a National Geographic Ap for my son’s new Kindle Fire, we decided to check out the website for National Geographic Kids.  I am so glad that I took some time to explore this site with my son, and there’s so much there, that I decided it just had to be this week’s Wednesday Website suggestion.  Here is what you can find on this fabulous site, hosted by National Geographic, but set up just for kids:



National Geographic Kids Website - Games

Games - There are plenty of games which work on a variety of science and social studies topics.  My son was especially excited to see a bunch of ecology games available.


Videos – The videos available are just great!  There areNational Geographic Kids Website - Videos tons of animals, birds and reptiles, plus there are some great videos with a cartoon character named Iggy Arbuckle who make science and social studies topics fun for kids.


Country Information – This great section gives kids National Geographic Kids Website - Countriesquick facts, a video, a map and a news article on a ton of different countries around the world.  It would be great for research projects for grades 2-5!


News – This section is basically an e-version of the National Geographic Kids magazine.  There are great topics covered that link into science and social studies topics.


Blogs & Photos – One of the best parts of this website National Geographic Kids Website - Blogs by Kidsis that kids can actually get involved with other kids.  There are a ton of kid bloggers from around the world, and your kids can not only read their blog posts, but they can respond by adding comments to their blog posts.  (In order to respond, they must create a free log in.)  Kids can also upload photographs they have taken and view photographs taken by other children.


Stuff for Younger Learners – There is a whole section with games, activities and videos for younger students, so if you have K or pre-K aged kids, this is a great addition to this site.


How can you use this site with your students, or your personal children?

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources