Monday, June 18, 2012

Pulling Out the Time Puzzle

Children I HomeschoolAlthough I am done teaching in my classroom for the year, I’m not done teaching.  That is because I have 3 boys at home, 2 of which are receiving “homeschool” activities from me, to help maintain their English.  (They attend school in French & Arabic.)  In addition to reading & writing activities, I like to do math activities as well, because I want them to have the vocabulary in English.  It has also helped them to already understand the concepts before they learn them in French & Arabic, because it makes it so they are just learning new terminology when they learn it in their new Time Puzzle - Self Correctinglanguages.

So, one of our tasks for this summer is to work on telling time with my younger son and elapsed time with my older son.  And what did dorky mom (me) do?  I pulled out the self-correcting puzzles I made for my class, of course, lol!  My younger son really likes working on the puzzles just as they were – especially since he knew right away if he had the right answer.  For my oldest, we pull two times randomly and figure out the time spent between the two times pulled.  Overall, it’s Time Puzzle - Self Correctingbeen a good re-use of materials I made for my classroom this year.   (Feel free to grab a copy of this puzzle at my TPT store – it is $2.50.)


Do any of you homeschool your children?  Does anyone just work with their children during the summer, or in a specific subject/language?


Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources