Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sing a Song While You Wait

Dilly Dabbles

Transition times were my least favorite times of this year.  My first graders were terribly impatient and so the smallest nano-second of downtime led to big issues.  It took a lot of tries, and a lot of different strategies, but the strategy that worked the best for my students was “sing a song while you wait”.  During any wait time, I would call out the name of a song we knew, the kids would sing and hopefully by the time the song was done, we could be on to the next task.  It made for a loud class, but it did help keep the “issues” to a minimum.

We used a different transition time to learn our songs.  I had about 15 minutes in the beginning of the day when we were waiting for students and having a bathroom break.  During these 15 minutes, we learned a song a day until we had amassed quite a collection.  Here are some of the songs my kids loved best this year:

1.  Miss Mary Mack

2.  I’ve Been Working on the Railroad


4.  Say Say Oh Playmate

5.  Old Mac Donald


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