Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sports Day Fun

Today was our school’s sports day!  What fun!  We don’t have a very large school campus, so our school contracted with a local sports club to hold our sports day on their campus.  The benefits of this: the kids get to swim in a real pool and they get to eat a catered lunch in a “restaurant”.

So, here’s what we did for sport’s day:

1.  We played drip, drip, drop – like duck, duck, goose, but they got to pour water on each other’s heads!

drip, drip, drop, an alternative to duck, duck, goose

2.  We played the pants relay race – the kids had to put on a big pair of jogging pants and run with them, then take off the pants and hand them to the next player.

pants race

3.  We went swimming in the big pool – which included changing 30 kids into and out of swim suites, and we only lost 1 pair of shorts and 1 tube of sunscreen!  Lots of fun, and yes, I got in the pool with them!

swimming in the big pool

4.  We had a snack and played what letter starts with the letter ___ while we waited for our turn at the next game (the whole day ran slightly off schedule – Smile)

5.  We played rain relay race – students had a bucket with holes in it that they got to fill and hold over their heads while they ran to fill in the other bucket.

rainy day bucket race

6.  We played soccer – my kids all time favorite game!

7.  We had lunch –

Course 1 - Moroccan salad plate (grated carrots, grated beets, potatoes, olives, cheese, fried egg plant, pasta, tuna, lettuce, eggs, etc. – delicious!)

Course 2 – Hamburgers & French Fries

Course 3 – Bananas & Chocolate Pudding

8.  We gave out goodie bags and went home, a little sunburnt and exhausted!


What does sports day (or field day) look like at your school?

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources