Friday, March 15, 2013

French Calendar

This year I am the luckiest teacher in the world. I get to teach at the best school ever – International School of Morocco, with some of the best, most creative, teachers ever. Each time I walk into someone else’s classroom, I get inspired and we just seem to spiral great teaching ideas off of each other. It’s a wonderful place to teach, and since we are all collaborating, it’s a wonderful place for our kids to learn – a teacher’s dream, right? I have tried and tried to convince the other teachers to create blogs of their own to spotlight and share some of their amazing ideas, but everyone is super busy. Instead, they have each agreed to let me spotlight some of their ideas right here on Raki’s Rad Resources. So, each Friday night, I will be posting an ISM Spotlight.

This week, we are spotlighting Gaille Theotiste, our French teacher at ISM.  Madame Gaille, as she is known to the kids, came on board a little late in the year, but she has fit into our school community so well.  She is able to seamlessly balance teaching FSL to our non-French natives with teaching reading comprehension and proper composition to our native French  speakers.

French Calendar helps students with different textsOne of the things that Madame Gaille does each day is her calendar routine.  What many of you might not know is that French (at least French in Morocco) is taught in cursive from Kindergarten.  As a school that follows a UK curriculum, our students don’t learn cursive until third grade, so not all of our students know how to read  cursive. So Madame Gaille has created this cute calendar to help them become familiar with three fonts that they need to be able to read the calendFrench Calendar helps students with different textsar in.  Every day, as students review the calendar, they use a clothespin to indicate the month, and under the clothespin is a number of the day of the month.   

Come back next Friday to find out what the other ISM teachers are up to.