Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Online Timeline

It’s time for the Wednesday Website suggestion!! For two years, I was the Technology Specialist at a scwebsiteebook24222hool in Georgia. During that time, I amassed a large collection of websites that I use with my students. You can download my E-Book of Websites for the Elementary Classroom for free from Teachers Pay Teachers or Smashwords, or, you can check back here each week for the Wednesday Website suggestion.


Right now, my students are studying Ancient Rome.  My kids have no idea of which came first – the invention of the toilet, the car or the computer, so they definitely don’t have an idea of how far away Ancient Rome is.  One way to help students get a good picture of how long ago this was is to put it on a timeline.  However, with Ancient Rome, the timeline is really, really long!  Since we just finished studying machines, we added important invention dates to connect with our background knowledge.  We also added all of our personal birthdates.  Here’s a quick video of my timeline – I had to use a video because I couldn’t get it all in one picture!

While I love the timeline on my wall and the ability to refer to it regularly, I know it’s not for everyone.  That is why this week’s website suggestion is a timeline that anyone can use.  My class and I are transferring everything from our physical timeline to an e-copy on the website Tiki –Toki so that they can have a copy to use at home. 


What do you teach that could be enhanced with a timeline?

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources