Monday, May 27, 2013

Exposing Our Students to a Variety of Voices

As a teacher, I feel that it’s my responsibility to expose my students to multiple view points and opinions, in order to give them a chance to form their own view points and opinions.  This year, I have worked with my class to begin sharing their view points and opinions – both in writing on their blogs and in movies we have created.  Generally, my students compare their movie clips with the professional movies that they see on t.v. or d.v.d’s.  I have been encouraging them to view YouTube videos as another source of comparison, but this week I get my best opportunity yet.  I have been offered a 3 month free subscription to a great website called Indie Flix, which is a subscription website that shares videos and series created by independent film makers.  My class will be viewing a variety of films from the “Family” channel, as a source of inspiration, as well as simply having new, quality films to add to our curriculum.  One of the favorites that I have watched today is called Wood of Value, about cutting down trees for Christmas celebrations in Norway.  It will surely lend a great conversation to our Forest unit!Watch this video on girl on girl bullying.

In addition, I have enjoyed watching the new film, Finding Kind, about girl on girl bullying.  While the subject is slightly ahead of my particular class, watching it myself has given me a better viewpoint and understanding on the subject.  This viewpoint will help me as I help guide my girls in treating each other nicely.  Even at a young age, we see the mean girl treatment happening, so as educators, it is extremely important to be cognizant of how our students are treating each other and the impacts that this treatment can have.  Finding Kind is streaming on Indie Flix until May 31st, so stop by and check it out.  Previously, this film was only available in special screenings, so it’s great to have it now available.  It is only $6.99 for those without a subscription.  However, the great folks at Indie Flix have also given me 10 FREE 2 month subscriptions to giveaway!  So, if you are interested in one of those subscriptions – here’s what you need to do:

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