Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Featuring Heidi Raki & Family

Traveling Around the US with my family, but still have time to be spotlight teacher for An Educator's Life As many of you know, I am currently traveling around the US with my family.  We are currently in South Dakota, near Mount Rushmore and we’re almost halfway through our journey, which started when we walked off the plane from Morocco to Atlanta (via Madrid & Miami) and took us to Buffalo, NY, and Montreal, Canada, and to short overnight stops in Illinois and Minnesota.  Before we are done, we will have been to Yellowstone National Park, Portland, Oreland, San Francisco, California, the Grand Canyon and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Along our journey, we have often been asked “Where are you from?”  Hmmmm….. That’s kind of a hard question to answer.  It should be simple enough, but lately, it’s really become a case of “Everywhere and Nowhere.”  So, here’s an overview of where I’m from.

1.)  I was born and raised in the general area of Buffalo, NY, with time spent in the city and the suburbs, as well as one year spent in GA.

2.)  I spent 2 years of college in Las Cruces, NM. on the edge of Texas and Mexico.

3.)  I lived for approximately 8 years outside of Atlanta, GA.  This is where I got married and had my kids and if I had to determine a place as “home”, this would probably be it.

4.)  My current residence for the past two years has been Casablanca, Morocco.


So, where am I from?  A little bit of everywhere, and I kind of like that, I just don’t love boring others with the story.  However, I am thrilled to be the spotlight teacher at An Educator’s Life, so now that you know a little more about me, stop by and see this great spotlight post put together by John Hughes.

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