Friday, July 12, 2013

ISM Spotlight – Collage Seasons

International School of Morocco Spotlight

This year I am the luckiest teacher in the world. I get to teach at the best school ever – International School of Morocco, with some of the best, most creative, teachers ever. Each time I walk into someone else’s classroom, I get inspired and we just seem to spiral great teaching ideas off of each other. It’s a wonderful place to teach, and since we are all collaborating, it’s a wonderful place for our kids to learn – a teacher’s dream, right? I have tried and tried to convince the other teachers to create blogs of their own to spotlight and share some of their amazing ideas, but everyone is super busy. Instead, they have each agreed to let me spotlight some of their ideas right here on Raki’s Rad Resources. So, each Friday night, I will be posting an ISM Spotlight.

I have posted many times about our amazing Pre-K, Jen Kadiri.  She does the most amazing activities with our 3 year olds.  Here is one of the activities she did when they when they were studying seasons earlier this year.  After learning what a tree looked like during the four seasons of the year, they created these collage trees:

Forest collage trees - Raki's Rad Resources

Here are the steps Ms. Kadiri took:

1.)  She cut out pieces of magazines in brown, green, pink, grey and orange. 

2.)  She then sorted the magazine pieces by color. 

3.) She also drew an outline of the a tree on four different pieces of paper.

4.)  She had a few pieces of magazine left over that she put in a bag.

5.)  Students then chose a piece of magazine from the bag and had to identify which color went with each season.

6.)  Next, the students glued the magazine pieces into the shape of the tree.

7.)  Finally, Ms. Kadiri trimmed around the edges of the trees and labeled each paper with the name of the season.

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources