Sunday, September 22, 2013

Are Your Students Able to Design Apps or Program Computers?

Professional Development Sundays at Raki's Rad Resources  

Recently, I posted about how my school is using Facebook and Pinterest as part of our professional development.  (See the whole post HERE.) I’ve decided to pass on some of the best videos and articles I come across to you each Sunday evening.  Here is this week’s professional development post:

 should our students be designing iPad apps and programming computers?  come join the discussion at Raki's Rad Resources.

The speaker in today’s video is 12 year’s old.  I’m not sure which is more inspiring – the fact that he has designed multiple iPad apps or the fact that he stood in front of that audience and recorded a TED talk.  Either way, this is a great video to watch with your students to show them that they can do anything they’d like to do.  I am in the middle of doing research into creating apps with my students, but it seems like this idea could be beneficial and motivational to so many students.  Do you have an app design club at your school?


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Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources