Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lesson Plans – Week of January 20th

Recently, I was asked how much of my resources I actually use in my classroom.  Honestly, everything I have designed has been designed specifically for my students.  I use my own resources with my students on a daily basis.  In order to show you guys this, I decided to give you guys a good look at what my week looks like.  So, here are my lesson plans:


In the morning, my students work on their nursery rhymes and vocabulary.  This week, my ESL students are working on Dairy and Egg Foods and my native English speakers are working on Silent Letter Spelling Patterns.  After they finish their vocabulary, my students work on their math textbook pages or their writing assignments.

Meanwhile, I pull reading groups.  Many of my students are still working on Reading A-Z books, but I also have a group reading Mister and Me, and we are doing a full novel study with vocabulary and comprehension activities.  My teammate teaches the older students reading.  She has a group working on Charlotte’s Web and one working on Bridge to Terabithia.


After snack and recess, my students each take a one minute math quiz – differentiated among 7 levels.  Then, they work on their calendar books and their daily math.  On Friday, we will work on creating our math videos using our math video planning sheets.

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One of my students’ biggest resources is their Interactive Math Notebooks, which we add to each week.  On Monday, we will add our weekly resource sheets to our notebooks during our mini lessons.  Year 3 will add the Metric Capacity Resource sheet.  Year 4 and Year 5 will add the Area and Perimeter Resource Sheet.  Year 6 will add both the Area of a Triangle Resource sheet and the Surface Area Resource Sheet.  On Tuesday, we will add our Math Idiom:  To Know All of the Angles to our notebook.  Wednesday and Thursday are science days – this week we will be cooking eggs to look at conduction, convection and radiation.


In the afternoons, my partner teacher works on Writing and Social Studies.  This week she is working on poetry using pieces of my Poetry Writing Journal.  During this time, I work with a small group of ESL students, to give them extra support. 

Homework in my class is all assigned via Edmodo.  Monday and Tuesday’s math video links can be found on my collaborative math video Google Doc, which is always available to my students if they need to re-watch a video they have already seen.

I hope this gives you a sneak peek into how I use my resources in my classroom.  Have you been able to use any of my resources in your lesson plans?  I’d love to hear how they have been helpful to you, or what I could do to make them more useful to you.

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources