Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What Happens in Vegas….

gets shared in the blogosphere!  At least when what happens in Vegas is the first annual Teachers Pay Teachers Seller’s Conference!  On Friday, July 11th, I had the great pleasure to attend this conference with some of the biggest names at TPT, including Rachel Lynette, Laura Candler and Deanna Jump.  Even more exciting, I was able to meet some bloggers that I have worked with “behind the scenes” for the past three years, but never gotten a cardsebook chance to meet IRL (in real life), like Angela Watson, Rachel Reyna and Adrienne Melbourne.  It’s amazing to “work” with people you’ve never met – Adrienne and I even created a Playing Card Mats E-Book together a few years back!  Being able to speak to these people in person, made this conference so very special to me. 

In addition to meeting up with wonderful bloggers, I got to attend sessions by some of the best at TPT.  The sessions I attended taught me about providing excellent customer care, tracking my sales data, collaborating with other bloggers, marketing my materials and the importance of time management for those wishing to use TPT as their sole income.  All of this information will help me to provide better resources and service to more teachers, and thereby students, around the world. 

banner1 In my last newsletter, I announced my family’s next big adventure.  We have officially left Morocco, and are back in the United States with the goal of traveling around the United States in an RV.  (Check out our blog – RVing with the Raki’s for more information about this adventure.)  My income from Teachers Pay Teachers will make this a possibility for our family, and this conference has given me skills and connections to help turn our dream into a reality.  I can’t think of a better reason for a trip to Las Vegas! 

Now, for the questions I know are coming:

1.)  Did you gamble while you were there?   Nope, I’m not a casino girl.  I spent the time outside of the conference in the pool with my kiddos.  My husband, Khalil of Raki’s Rad Language Resources, did go over with my grandmother for a bit and won $20, so hey, that’s something!


2.)  Did you really drive an RV to Vegas?  Yep!  It was a bit of a crazy trip out there, with a few repair issues, but we made it right on time and spent two nights at the KOA that is attached to Circus, Circus.


3.)  What’s it like traveling in an RV with 3 kids?  No problems!  My kids are great travelers, and they much prefer the RV, where they each have their own beds, books and toys to a tent, which is how we previously travelled.


Have more questions – about the conference, or our new adventure?  Please feel free to ask it in the comment section!

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources