Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What Do You Need For Your Classroom? Resources Made to Meet Student Needs

What do you need for your classroom?  Resources to meet studen needs - Resources on Demand from Raki's Rad Resources

I was recently asked where I come up with ideas for the resources I create.  This idea made me giggle a little, because I never "came up with ideas", I have always responded to the needs of my students by creating what I saw that they needed.  When my students needed more real life problem solving practice, I created Problem Solving Path.  When I got a class that needed basic English vocabulary, I created ESL Vocabulary Packets.  The next year, my group needed a focus on spelling patterns, so I created Spelling Vocabulary Packets.

allaboutmeset    Long Vowels

This year, I don't have a class - outside of these three little sweeties who I am homeschooling. (You can read about that new adventure atRVing with the Raki's.)  So, while I am still finishing up old projects, I don't have nearly as many new projects on my plate. However, I know that there are TONS of teachers out there who are saying "My kids need xyz and I wish I had time to make it."  If you are one of these teachers, please consider my new Resources on Demand program.

To participate in the
Resources on Demand program, teachers complete the sign up form, telling me what they are looking for and I will create it for them in an agreed upon time period.  Please feel free to share this opportunity with your friends and colleagues as well!