Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Storage Containers, a New Novel Study and an Audition for Wheel of Fortune - March's Show and Tell!!

Today is the third edition of the the Show and Tell Linky Parties at Forever in Fifth Grade. This month, I have really settled in to my new classroom, so I'll be showcasing a few things from my classroom and then I'll tell you about how I "almost" made it onto Wheel of Fortune! If you're interested in reading my previous Show and Tell posts, check them out here: January and February.

Show and tell from Raki's Rad Resources - my new upcycled storage containers created with recycled tin cans and spray paint.

My husband has recently taken care of some of my storage needs with a quick recycled item. These cans came directly from our recycle pile. We open all of our cans with a smooth top Pampered Chef can opener, so there are no sharp edges. He gave them a good coat with blue spray paint and voila! These cans make a great container for pencils, markers, crayons and gluesticks. They are shatterproof and durable. And of course the best part is that all 15 of my containers cost us only $2!

Show and tell from Raki's Rad Resources - my newest novel study for the Magic Tree House novel Vacation Under the Volcano

One of my highest reading groups was in need of a novel study, so we went to the library and let them choose from the Magic Tree House books. Of course the kids chose one of the books that I didn't already have a novel study for. So I sat down and prepared a novel study for Vacation Under a Volcano. They are working on this every afternoon and it is providing just enough to guide them and challenge them to think critically about what they are reading. 

Show and tell from Raki's Rad Resources - my audition for Wheel of Fortune with fellow teacher blogger Veronica from When Inspiration Strikes

Now, how did I almost end up on Wheel of Fortune? Well I didn't, but I did try! My friend, Veronica from When Inspiration Strikes, who I have actually known since college, invited me to go with her to the the local Wheel of Fortune auditions in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Sunday. We applied all three rounds, but never got our names drawn out of the batch! While we were disapointed to not even make it on stage, it was super fun to sit there watching (and critiquing) all of the other applicants. We also hit the free photo booth three times and had fun hamming it up for the camera. In short we had a great girlfriend day, even if we didn't end up on the Wheel of Fortune.  #wheelmobile

So that's what I've been up to this month, what have you been up to?