Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Word Wall

Teaching first grade for the 1st time, I have been asking for advice from first grade teachers – and sightwordcardspreviewthe key word I got was “Word Wall”:  build it, use it, teach from it.  So, I have been hard at work creating stuff for a beautiful word wall (since I can’t get into my room to build it yet).  I have made Word Wall Labels with graphicsnumber that coordinate with my Alphabet Cards.  I have made sight word cards.  I have made color word cards with beautiful color (FREE on TPT).  I have made number word cards with the numeral on them (FREE on TPT).  Now I am finishing up word cards for each word in each word family I will be using, with a graphic that colorshelps my EFL students learn the meanings of the words.  I have even created a template that I am going to use on the first day of school to add student names to the word wall (with pictures of students taken on my webcam).  I am a little word wall crazy!!  I just hope that I will have a big enough wall to create this word wall.  How do you get creative with your word wall?