Monday, September 12, 2011

My First Week

Well, I survived my first week teaching First grade (sorry this post is a little late – busy weekend), and unbelievably, it went really well!!!  We worked very hard on developing our routine and getting management under control.  For management, I am using a star chart.  Each student has a Dr. Seuss hat that they move up or down to earn stars – they start on 3 stars each day.  If they earn 15 stars for the week, they get to go to “Friday Party”.  Then, those with more stars can go to special centers (18 stars for Kids’ Yoga; 20 stars for computer time).  It was very helpful to motivate my students, and hopefully it will motivate the 4 boys who missed the party to be on their best behavior next week!

I also finally got my word wall and calendar area up!  Here are some pictures, get the word wall labels here, or by clicking on the picture.  We are using some of my husband’s lovely clipart in our calendar numbers, get them by clicking on the picture.  The rest of the calendar stuff came from – a great site my lovely friend Barbara turned me on to.


Now the really exciting part – my kids rotated through centers 3 times in 1 day!!!  We did reading centers, writing centers and math centers!!  Here’s hoping that the center rotations go as well this week, then I might be able to finish my assessments!