Tuesday, November 1, 2011

10 Reasons I am Ready for a Break

imageSince I’m in Morocco, I run on a slightly different schedule than I did in the states, even though we run an “American Schedule”.  I started school September 5th, and we have not had one day off (outside of weekends) yet.  We will not have any Thanksgiving break, and no real length of time off until our winter break.  However, this weekend is a long weekend, as we celebrate Eid al Kabir (and get to stay out until Wednesday).  I am so thankful for a break, and here are my top 10 reasons why (David Letterman style) I need it.


10.  It’s Tuesday evening and I still haven’t stuffed, or sent home my Friday folders.

9.  Report cards need to be filled out, but I haven’t yet learned how to use the computer system we use to fill out report cards.

8.  I now have 2 students on individualized behavior management plans, and 2 more will start on one by the time we come back from break.  Although this is helping the behaviors, I feel like I’m drowning in papers.

7.  There is at least one lesson I am teaching tomorrow that I have yet to find the materials for.

6.  I really want to do a “tour of my room” youtube video, but I’m too embarrassed at how disorganized my room is right now to bring a video camera into it.

5.  Even though my class has been diagnosed “clean” from the headlice that infested a few of my students, my head is still itching from the thought of lice.  (And yes, my head has been checked – more than once, thankfully all clear.)

4.  I have lunch recess duty for the month of November, which gives me 15 minutes to eat, and then I spend the next 45 minutes dodging the soccer ball that flies around so fast at recess.

3.  I am hoping my parents will take the extra time with their kids to teach them to tie their shoes, because I’m not tying any more shoelaces.

2.  One of my families is traveling to Belgium, and I hope they bring me back some more chocolate.

1.  When I come home from school, I have 3 sons who need my attention, and I am looking forward to giving them some serious one on one time this weekend!


Why do YOU need a break right about now?