Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Best Math Website Ever

It’s time for the Wednesday Website suggestion!! For two years, I was the Technology Specialist at a school in Georgia. During that time, I amassed a large collection of websites that I use with my students. If you want to search through some of them, you can check out my IKeepBookmarks site. Or, you can check back here each week for the Wednesday Website suggestion.

It’s hard to say I have a favorite website, because there are so vm1many that I love to use with my students.  However, this week’s website is WAY up there on my list.  It’s pretty much my go-to math site, especially when I have access to a projector (or even better an interactive board).  It’s called Virtual Manipulatives.  It is sponsored by Utah State University and it shows so many concepts in so many great ways.  It is also able to be translated into Spanish or French, so it’s a great one to send home with your English Language Learners who have these home languages (as well as your other students) because their parents will have more access to the directions.
Here are the three sections that I use the most, but there is so much more to this website than even this.
Base Block Subtraction – Drag the red blocks to the blue blocks to make them disappear.  When you don’t have enough ones, drag a ten’s block to the one’s section and watch it separate!

Comparing FractionsSee equivalent fractions side by side, play with denominators, just overall a great visual for this concept.

Analog and Digital Clocks – Make the digital clock match the analog clock.  Simple and easy, view both side by side, great visual for students.

Hope you enjoyed this Wednesday’s Website suggestion – check back each Wednesday for a new Wednesday's Website suggestion. Click HERE to check out some of my previous Wednesday Website suggestions.