Monday, August 13, 2012

A Bit About Birthdays - Spotlight Blogger: Heidi Samuelson from Swamp Frog First Graders

imageWelcome back to Raki's Rad Resources for our latest Spotlight Blogger.  My family and I are camping right now, and we are taking a break from all screens in an effort to recharge our batteries and get ready for the new school year.  While we are gone, I hope you are enjoying the spotlight bloggers who have agreed to guest blog for me.  Be sure to pin the posts you like, as the spotlight blogger with the most pins on their post will win a special prize!  And then, please stop by their blogs and see all the awesome things they have to offer you.


Hello All,  My name is Heidi Samuelson and I teach First Graders in TN.  I usually write my blog posts at "Swamp Frog First Graders", but am so excited to be guest posting today!

I have a confession to make....birthdays are not my favorite thing to celebrate....there...I feel better!

So when I was in Walmart the other day and came across these treasures in the new school supply area....I thought they might help me make birthdays a little more special for my kiddos and a little more easier on me :)

Here's the idea....
~place birthday pencils and erasers inside the adorable (but way too expensive) pencil pouch...
~create "It's My Birthday" tag for lanyard...
On child's birthday, they get to choose a (pre-sharpened and ready to go) pencil and eraser from the pencil pouch....then they get to wear the birthday lanyard throughout the day instead of a sticker (that always fell off before lunchtime anyway)!

If you're at all familiar with Dr. Jean then you know what a  "spitfire" she is to watch during a conference/workshop !  I've learned about tons of things from her.  My favorite are her classroom cheers
However... I was inspired by her YouTube video of some ideas for making birthdays special...
You can check out her blog post about birthday celebrations HERE.
I've created a "cheat sheet" to post near the 'meeting area' in my room so I remember what the words are to the songs and chants she talks about in her video. 
You can download a copy for your class by clicking on the picture above.
A friend of mine also said she remembered a teacher friend of hers making the day special with a candy bar and a note on the birthday child's desk waiting for them when they come in the room....Uhmmm...not sure I'm ready for THAT...but maybe a roll of smarties for being a year smarter today???  Might have to work on a tag or sticker for that concept...Be sure to hop over to the Swamp and see if I can cook anything up !