Friday, August 3, 2012

Headed on Vacation

I know that many teachers are heading back to school already – CRAZY!  I’m very lucky to have almost another month before I have to report back for pre-planning.  Since I spent most of my summer moving, tutoring, and working summer camps – I’m ready for a good old fashioned vacation!  Add on the fact that in the past 2 years I have: finished grad school, had a baby, and made an international move – and I decided to do the unthinkable.  I’m headed on vacation without my computer!!!  (Actually, I’m bringing the computer, but with extremely limited wifi, I’m brining it more to play videos for the kids than with the expectation of being in touch, lol!)

Don’t worry – the blog won’t be empty while I’m gone.  I’ve scheduled out some great TESOL Tips and Website suggestions for you.  However, the best thing you will spotlight bloggers coming to raki's rad resourcesfind over the next 2 weeks are Spotlight Bloggers.  Some of the most amazing teacher bloggers out there have agreed to write a guest blog post for Raki’s Rad Resources.  I’m so honored at their contributions, and I’m sure that you’ll love the wonderful posts they have for you.  I’m also have a small contest between the Spotlight Bloggers.  I am offering an Amazon gift card to the Spotlight Blogger who has the most pins on their post.  So, please take a minute to pin the Spotlight Blog posts that you like best.  You are welcome to pin one, multiple or all of the posts.  I loved all of the posts that were contributed, so I’m not sure I could choose.

Okay, I’m taking my family and heading out today.  We’re going to be camping in south Morocco, in a town called Agadir, for the next two weeks.  I promise to post pictures when I return, but please stop by to check out our amazing Spotlight Bloggers.

Also, please leave me a comment here to let us all know where YOU went for vacation this summer.

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources