Monday, September 3, 2012

School Just Started–And I’m Already Behind

Today was the 3rd day of school and already I am behind!  Seriously, I haven’t blogged in a week, I am behind in my math lessons already – blahhhh!   Okay, vent over, I will catch up, I know it, I’ve been teaching for 8 years now and I know this too shall pass, but the beginning of the year can be so stressful!

Now, for the good stuff – since I have gotten so far behind, I have for you in this post: 2 free resources, a website suggestion, an IPad app suggestion and classroom pictures!  Here’s what I’ve been up to in my first 3 days of school:

The first two days, I introduced my kids to my classroom.  We reviewed procedures, procedures, procedures, of course, but we also started mangage technology in the elmentary school classroomcalendar, and got all signed up for our Edmodo accounts.  (Here’s that website suggestion I promised you.) Edmodo is a website that helps you monitor all of the technology and communication with your students.  I am using it to allow my students to complete their homework assignments online.  This website is amazing, and I promise to post later in the year (when things calm down) on how to use this to manage technology, assignments, homework etc. for your class.

Here are some pictures of my classroom this year:

Classroom Pictures - Casablanca, Morocco   Classroom Pictures - Casablanca, Morocco

Our tables – work and guided reading


Classroom Pictures - Casablanca, Morocco   Classroom Pictures - Casablanca, Morocco

Bookshelves and Organization


 Classroom Pictures - Casablanca, Morocco

Ticket Out of the Door – Update your Facebook Status, someday I’ll get pictures added!  (Note to self – learn to print pictures from the IPad.)


 Classroom Pictures - Casablanca, Morocco

Our Problem Solving Path – Should have my packets ready by this weekend if you are interested in downloading these.



Classroom Pictures - Casablanca, Morocco   

Getting to Know You Activities – Grab the “My Numbers” page free from Google Docs.  It was nice to see students connect numbers to themselves!

For more pictures of my school – check out the Global School Tour at Global Teacher Connect.

teacherkitOne of the procedures we learned about was taking attendance.  We are using this super cool app called TeacherKit, which allowed me to upload pictures of my kids.  The kids come in, tap their face, and they are marked present.  Anyone not present gets two taps before I close attendance for the day.  Once a month, I e-mail my attendance to the office – it’s amazing!  There is also a section that allows you to make behavior notes (hello anecdotal notes!) or e-mail parents directly from the app – super sweet!  The best part – it’s FREE!

vocabpacket-btscoverToday, we began our Vocabulary Packets.  I am super lucky to only have 7 students right now (3 fourth graders and 4 third graders), but within those 7 students, I have at least one student who falls in all 4 of my Vocabulary levels.  This week, we began working on our Back to School Vocabulary.  You can grab this differentiated packet for free at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Okay, my friends, that is all I have been up to in these first 3 days of school.  How are you spending the beginning of your school year?

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources