Saturday, September 8, 2012

What a Week!

Just finished my first full week, and wow was it busy! Good, productive, but busy and tiring too!

Here are some of my accomplishments:

1.  All of my running records and initial math assessments are complete!

2.  We reviewed how to work on Problem Solving Path, and the kids began working in their journals.  They will be using their journals when I am working with a small group – my version of Math Centers.  Because I am teaching in a multi-grade classroom, we have two different sets of Problem Solving Path - Use Real Life Problems to Learn Mathproblems.  Grade3/Year4 and Grade 4/Year 5 – (We are working off of UK standards, and they begin counting grades at Kindergarten.)  Feel free to Problem Solving Path - Use Real Life Problems to Learn Mathgrab the posters free at my Problem Solving Path site, and grab the first month’s questions for Grade 3 and Grade 4, all of which are aligned to US Common Core and UK National Curriculum from my TPT store.  If I get a chance to breathe soon, I’ll get the rest of the year done and uploaded.

3.  We learned the words and movements to “Hello Neighbor” and performed in front of the parents at our first bi-weekly Morning Meeting.  If you’ve never heard of this song, it’s so cute!  It’s by Dr. Jean and my kids have had such a blast “giving a bump” every day – click HERE for the lyrics.

4. Reading Response Journal - 36 opportunities to respond to what you are reading We started working on our reading strategies and began using our Reading Response Journals to record our responses.  I love seeing my kids think about what they are reading.  Granted, some of the responses this week were half French/ half English or half Spanish/ half English – but still I know they are thinking about what they are reading. (You can grab the Reading Response Journal from TPT, a prompt for each week for $10.)

5.  We completed our first Vocabulary Packet – Back to School.  It went very well, giving my brand new English Language Learners (I have 3 vocabpacket-bts3who have almost no English.) to build some base in those basic school supplies and giving my higher level students some new vocabulary as well.  Grab this Back to School Vocabulary Packet for free from my TPT store.  Next week, we’re going to work on building our Body Parts Vocabulary


6.  We finished our Voki introductions.  My students used Voki to record introductions of themselves.  Next week, we’re going to share the introductions next week.  Here is the example Voki I recorded for my kids. 


What a busy week!  What was your week like?

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources