Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekly Accomplishments

It’s Saturday!!!  No School!! My class does a “happy dance” when we do calendar and we say “Tomorrow is Saturday.” – because we know that on Saturday we get to sleep in!

Little does my class know, that even if I sleep in, I spend a good part of my Saturday preparing for the next week!  This week I preparing an “Important Differentiated Vocabulary Packet to Teach Body Parts to Your English Language LearnersVerbs” Vocabulary packet, since the Body Parts Vocabulary packet went so well this week.  I a.1m also trying to get all of the questions and answers to my first month’s Problem Solving Path posted on the blog I’ve created for that purpose, so that my students can begin checking their answers with the QR codes on the posters.

Well, Saturday is also a day to look back on what went well during the week.  Here’s our list of “accomplishments” for this week:

Shared Writing with a Real Life Publishing Purpose - Have Students Write an Article for the School or Class Newsletter1.) Our class created a shared writing piece for the school newsletter, “The Scoop” to tell the parents about how we created our Vokis last week.  (Please ignore my terrible handwriting!)

2.)  My guided reading groups each finished their first leveled readers and were excited to have accomplished something.

3.)  We went swimming in PE and I got to join my class!

4.)  We learned about the 4 different kinds of money we deal with: Moroccan Dirhams, American Dollars, Euros and English Pounds.  The kids had a blast playing with the fake money.Brainstorming Ideas for Narrative Writing Pieces

5.)  We moved on to our second Narrative Writing piece in our Writing Journals, and the kids had a much clearer understanding of what was needed in the brainstorming phase.


What happened in your classroom this week?