Friday, December 14, 2012

Africa Puzzles

Sorry for my recent absence from the blogosphere, I’ve been plagued by a terrible migraine and I’ve been steering clear of the computer. I have however, had my students on our computers and iPad recently as we’ve gotten a good start on our Africa unit. We’re using the folktales of Africa to learn about African culture, history, geography and economics. Unfortunately, our unit gets split up with Winter Break, but at least this will give me time to put the finishing touches on our Connected Glog Project and All About Africa PowerPoint, which I will share via my Teachers Pay Teachers store after Winter Break. But until then, here are some technology resources that my kids are enjoying, that you might also enjoy using with your munchkins:

Free iPad app - Puzzle of Africa to teach students the names, shapes and placement of the countries of Africa.1.)  Put Africa Back Together Puzzles – We have one puzzle on the computer and another on our iPad.  Both allow the kids to recognize the shapes of the countries, the names of the countries and the regions that the countries are coming from.






2.)  Find Africa Facts – Students can find facts about particular African countries on this kid-friendly website.  I pondered the idea of having each child choose and research a country of their choosing, but with our unit being split up by Winter Vacation, I’m not sure that we’ll get to this project.





3.)  Read African Folktales Online – There are many websites that provide quality African Folktaafricanfablesles.  Our favorites are called African Folktales and African Fables and Myths.



Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources