Sunday, February 24, 2013

Peer Editing with Sticky Notes

This year, my class is spending 6 weeks on each of our writing genres.  We recently completed our 6 week study of folktales, and now we have begun our 6 week study of informational writing.

At the end of each unit, my students take a class or two to peer edit.  Each student gets 3 sticky notes with a + sign and a – sign written on each.  The students pair up and read each others writing.  Then, the students give each otheUse sticky notes to help students peer edit with a glow and a grow.r a GLOW (+) and a GROW (-).  They repeat this process with a total of three classmates.  Then, before students meet with me for their official conference, they take each others suggestions and make corrections on their work using colored pencils.

Use sticky notes to help students peer edit with a glow and a grow.This peer editing process helps students work on the skills of constructive criticism, editing, revision etc.  Students are also more cognizant of their own mistakes after they have seen the mistakes of others.

How do you use peer editing in your class?

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources