Thursday, August 15, 2013

Calling All ESL Teachers

Do you teach English Language Learners - ESL, ELL, ESOL – different terms, same population, right?  Whether you teach exclusively ESL or you have a high ESL population, I have a proposition for you.  I am looking for people to try out and review some of my products which were created specifically for ESL populations.  I teach at an International School with a high ELL population (mother tongues are mainly Arabic or French), but I am interested in hearing some real life feedback on how these products worked in other populations.  

So, here is my proposition:  Sign up in the Google Doc below to receive one free ESL product.  I will e-mail you the product for free.  Use this product in your class in the next month and then write a “review” of the product on your blog, facebook or twitter.  Send me a link to your review and I’ll send you another product to review.  Feel free to continue reviewing products for as long as you’d like.
Each review will need to include: the name of the product, the population you used it with, real life examples of how the product benefited your students and a link to the product (which I will send you when I send you the product).  If you do not have a teaching blog, you are free to review products on personal Facebook or Twitter accounts.
Interested?  There will be 62 different products you can review.  Here are just a few:
careers1    Word Family Making Words Center   tools  op-cards vocab-house1  mathidioms  primaryreadaloudjournal  sort2

Here is the form to fill out: