Sunday, August 11, 2013

Have You Every Videotaped Yourself Teaching?

Professional Development Sunday at Raki's Rad Resources

Recently, I posted about how my school is using Facebook and Pinterest as part of our professional development.  (See the whole post HERE.) I’ve decided to pass on some of the best videos and articles I come across to you each Sunday evening.  Here is this week’s professional development post:

Can you learn to be a better teacher by videotaping your lessons?  Professional Development Sundays at Raki's Rad Resources

 Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of Bill Gates in Education, because often I think he is just throwing money at a situation.  This talk, however, I think has some merit.  In this talk, he talks about teacher evaluations and changing the evaluation process by having teachers video tape and review their lessons.  I have created video lessons in class with my children on Educreations, and simply watching those lessons has given me some serious feedback onto how I explain topics, manage my class, etc.  I think having videos be a part of the evaluation process could be very impactful.  What do you think, would you be okay with videotaping and watching some of your lessons?


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