Thursday, September 26, 2013

Virtual Geoboards Save the Day


This week, my math is focused on Geometry, although we are all working at different levels and on different skills.

My year 3 (2nd grade) students are working on symmetry.


My year 4 (3rd grade) students are working on the types of triangles.


My year 5 (4th grade) students are working on types of quadrilaterals.


My year 6 (5th grade) students are working on adding the angles of a triangle.


imageAll of my students’ plans ask me to have them create shapes using pin boards, which I (with my US accent) would call  geoboards.  Geoboards are one of those random manipulatives that I do not have access to and have not been able to find here in Morocco.  But, have no fear – iPads to the rescue!  We have a regular iPad and 3 mini iPads in our classroom, so we have plenty of technology access.  One of my favorite apps is Geoboard app, which is completely free and super simple.  Students have access to a full sized geoboard and “rubberbands” of a variety of colors.  Students can use the bands to create lines and shapes and work on a large variety of geometrical concepts including symmetry, shape properties, angles, are and perimeter.  Here is a look at what one of my student did when asked to make the three different types of triangles:


The great part about having geoboard as an app is that you can take a screenshot of their finished project and these screenshots can even be a part of a student’s online portfolio.

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources