Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weather Channel App

Did you ever introduce your child to an app that you later wished you hadn’t?  I have multiple still in use in my house – minecraft, fruit ninja, etc.  However, the one I am most regretting these days is “The Weather Channel”.  How could that possibly be a bad app you’re asking?  Well, my oldest son is an information – addict.  Ever since I showed him this app, which I am using in my classroom, I get daily weather updates for not only Casablanca, Morocco (where we live) but also Buffalo, NY (where his grandfather lives) and Atlanta, GA (where he has lots of friends and family).  Fun, nice, yet annoying!

image Anyways, the point of this blog post is to tell you the good things about this app, and there are plenty!  I have been using this app as a part of my Calendar Math Monthly Books for the last year and a half.  Part of my Calendar Math Monthly Books for all 7 levels is to check the temperature in some way.  My youngest group only has to find out today’s temperature and forecast, but my oldest group has to compare today’s temperature with yesterday’s temperature and mark the amount of increase or decrease. 

imageWith this app, children can check the temperature and forecast in any city around the world.  Students in my room take turns checking and recording the weather on the board for their classmates.  Students then record and calculate in their calendar books. 

In past years, I have had students graph weather on bar and line graphs, and choose another city (or two) to check and record daily so that we could compare and contrast weather patterns.  The Weather Channel app would also be a great addition to a weather unit in Science or for finding climate information when doing a country study in Social Studies.

How could you use The Weather Channel App in your classroom?

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