Thursday, October 30, 2014

Food Web Project

This year, my kids are using my Year Long Country Study Project to cover all of their Science and Social Studies standards.  Each child chose a country and they will study that country all year.  Each month, we focus on a different topic.  We spend the first three weeks doing research, watching videos and reading books.  Then during the last week, the kids create a project and a write up which they add to their LiveBinder compilation project.

Last month, we worked on Geography and the kids created maps.  (See the maps they created in the blog post: Salt Maps Solidfy Understanding.)  This month, we worked on Habitats and these kids created food webs:


5th Grade – China Mountain Habitat

china food web

2nd Grade – Russia River/Forest Habitat

food web

Creating these food web projects gave us a chance to reinforce vocabulary like predator, prey, carnivore and herbivore.  The kids also had a chance to talk about where on the food web different types of animals fell.  My 2nd grader told me “I’m glad I’m not a small herbivore.  Look, everything eats the Pika!”  My 5th grader realized that humans are the only predators for some large carnivores.

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources