Thursday, December 11, 2014

Document Student Learning with Stop Motion Studio

Create Stop Motion videos on your iPad.  Easy to do in your classroom.  Suggestions from Raki's Rad Resources 

Lego animation, claymation, stop motion animation.  These all seem like complex types of movies that we shouldn’t attempt in a classroom.  In an after school club, maybe, but definitely not in a classroom.  However, I recently discovered that these types of videos can be created quite simply with an iPad, using the app Stop Motion Studio.  This iPad app can also be used to document the creation of structures and art projects by students. 

With the free version of this app, students can take pictures of their project within this app, edit the pictures, add music and narration.  For a dollar upgrade, students can upload pictures that they have previously taken with the camera.  This upgrade doesn’t seem very important, but it allows multiple students to work on their projects using the same iPad, and when resources are limited, those little upgrades can be amazingly helpful.

My son recently used Stop Motion Studio to create this video of the Buddha sculpture he created.  He created this sculpture as his final project for the “Symbols” section of his Year Long Country Study.  He is studying China and recognized Buddha as one of the most important symbols of the country.  Rather than simply taking a picture of his sculpture, this video shows us exactly how he made it.

What project could you enhance with Stop Motion Studio?

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources