Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me! The Present’s For You!

 Happy birthday to me - the present is for you!  Stop by Raki's Rad Resources and choose your free resource.  Pick any of the 440 items in my store for free if you stop by and say Happy Birthday. Tomorrow I will turn 31!  For the past two years, I have given away presents from my Teachers Pay Teachers store for everyone who left me a comment on my birthday. This year will be no exception.  Everyone gets to choose their own present, there are almost 440 items to choose from.  You can ask for anything from my store that is NOT a .zip folder.  (The .zip folders jammed up my Outlook, lol!)
In order to get your present, please leave me a comment with the following information so that I can send you a birthday present. 
1.)  Your name & the e-mail address where you’d like me to send your present.
2.)  One post (other than this giveaway post) that you enjoyed from my blog – Raki’s Rad Resources.
3.)  The link from my Teachers Pay Teachers store to the resource you’d like me to send you.
That’s all that you need to do!  Oh, two more things:
1.) All comments must be in by my midnight on Saturday, so that I have enough time to send out the presents on Sunday.  So, we’ll say 12:00 a.m. GMT, which is 7:00 p.m. EST.
2.) If you’d like to buy anything beyond your free gift, my entire Teachers Pay Teachers store will be on sale for 10% off all day on Friday, November 8th and Saturday, November 9th.

Big ooops!  In order to try to prevent some of the massive spam I've been getting, I changed my comment settings the other day and didn't realize it would prevent you all from commenting for this giveaway.  A sweet follower let me know about my mistake, so I am extending the deadline until tomorrow morning at 8 am GMT, which is 3am EST.
Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources